About Us

"Mummy, paint me a dinosaur?"
"Ok, what would you like the dinosaur to be doing?"

..and that was that, our first Pizzasaurus print was born.

Children’s imaginations are extra ordinary. Astronaut dogs in space, who dance to 70’s glam rock, dinosaur tea parties, and skating giraffes.
Their dreams and secret worlds are like No Ordinary Life ever Imagined. That’s Noli Kids. 

Most of my print designs are inspired by my little ones imagination. If you ask a child to chose their outfit they will most likely come up with the brightest, most clashing combo in their wardrobe and the exclusive print designs reflect their love of graphic colour pop and unlimited imaginations.

The full product range is designed and made to order by me in our home in the north of England.  Every item is sewn and packaged with the same care and attention to detail as if I were making them for my own family.   

I know that you vote with your money when you chose where to shop and by choosing to shop small you are investing in a small family team. We have a tiny creative assistant and product tester. My Husband provides Tech support (and emotional support) and the rest is up to me.

I worked as a designer for the Uk high street for over 18 years and am a mum too, So I understand what is most important when buying clothes for your kids.

Wash Care:

Does it wash and wear well? Is it easy to clean when covered in tomato soup and mud pies? All of my fabrics are machine washable and most can be tumble dried.

Functionality and Comfort:

Can they squat, roll, climb and crawl in it easily? Is it easy to remove for nappy changes or potty training or learning to dress themselves? All of these elements are taken into consideration when cutting and designing the ranges and I carefully select fabrics that are kind to children's skin.

Is it design focused?

I always try to add something a little bit different into my patterns.

Is it fun?

Kids love our styles, who doesn’t love a dinosaur eating donuts?  We get our best product reviews straight from the kids.

Are they sustainable?

I always try to opt for the most eco friendly option available where I can. I offer organic fabrics on some styles and am always on the lookout for ways to grow our more sustainable options. All our branding and packaging is plastic free and is recyclable or compostable. I source fabrics and manufacturing supplies from other small business who follow good sustainability practices.

Thank you for choosing to shop Noli Kids